Athleisure Guide For Women

The athletic wear look is a fashion that started a few years ago and continues to get stronger.

We can say that this look will last for a while due to the versatility and comfort it brings to anyone who wears it.

Even if you're not aware of what Athleisure is, you've definitely seen it around. You just might not have heard of it.

The name comes from a combination of athletic wear and fun; athleisure

The athleisure style that was normally worn in the gym and used for exercise has now gone beyond the gym. It became daily wear.

Athleisure wear is great for exercising, drinking coffee at a cafe, going out for weekend entertainment, grocery shopping, hanging out with friends, etc. is great for.

It has gained wide acceptance thanks to its ability to be wearable for many occasions and environments.

Casual and comfortable. Trendy. Sporty.

And all year round.

Custom Athleisure Clothing

If you are a t-shirt business or a clothing decorator or simply doing creative work on your own t-shirts, you can spice up your athleisure style. So how?

Here's the answer in case you're wondering:

You can buy leisure sportswear and decorate it with the method of heat transfers.

Athleisure for women

If you're familiar with athleisure, leggings and athletes will likely top the list. You can also include long sleeves if you want to spread this out throughout the year.

How to decorate a gym suit?

Decorating athletics outfits is like decorating any other outfit.

However, some athletics clothing can be a little tricky.

The first thing you should do is check what material the product is made of.

Most athleisure are polyester, spandex, or some combination of the two.

It is important to check the material as this will help you determine what heat applied transfer can be used to decorate the garment.

However, one thing you should keep in mind is how much polyester it contains. It should be noted that polyester is sensitive to heat, making it prone to burning at high temperatures.

If your fabric has a lot of polyester and is heat sensitive, it would be better to use a transfer with a lower temperature application.

Since most athleisure are lightweight and thinner fabrics, it's best to keep your designs smaller. This will help the garment feel light. You should also make sure that the heat transfer to athleisure apparel does not hinder your range of motion or flexibility.

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