Calculating shipping costs can be a huge challenge when you run an online business. You want to make sure the project reaches your customer without the "postage" label, but you don't want to spend more on shipping than is necessary. Boxes, mailing envelopes, labels, etc., with the actual cost of postage. Among the amount of money you have to spend, shipping costs increase rapidly. “How much does a hoodie weigh?” If you're trying to answer your question and are looking for valuable information on understanding shipping, you've come to the right place!

Average Weight of a Hoodie

While the question posed above may seem simple, the answer may not be so simple. After all, a full-zip hoodie for an older adult is much heavier than a hoodie for a kid. Remember, too, that different fiber contents result in different weights. Manufacturers may even make slight changes to their designs from year to year, which can cause weight fluctuations. Finishes can also make a difference.

With all that in mind, most adult-size hoodies range in weight from 16 to 25 ounces. Kids' hoodies are of course lighter, while plus-size hoodies are heavier. Since there is a lot of fluctuation, we highly recommend investing in a postal scale, especially if you ship packages frequently. Weighing your hoodies to determine their exact weight ensures you don't accidentally overpay (or underpay) postage.

Additional Considerations When Determining the Shipment

Whether you're learning how to start a screen-printing business or selling old clothes from your closet, finding shipping takes more than determining the weight of the hoodies you sell. If you've ever sent something to the post office, you know they weighed the entire package. This means that all packaging materials, documents, and even the package itself affect the overall weight and shipping cost.

When it comes to shipping hoodies, using plastic mailing bags is a great option. These bags are lightweight, waterproof, and affordable. Using them instead of a box means the clothes will be protected and you won't add a significant amount of extra weight.

While you tend to add extra goodies to make your customers' days a little brighter, doing so will increase your shipping costs. Adding even a small piece of candy or stickers can cost you significantly more. Before you start tossing the extras, it's wise to know the weight of your pack as it is. This is another time when having your postage stamp is extremely helpful!

If you run a business, you may also want to consider calculating the cost of returns. Since it's impossible to please everyone, you'll likely run into customers wanting to return their orders once in a while. By slightly increasing your shipping and handling fees, you can create an extra to account for returns or even international shipping restocking returns.

Ways to Save on Shipping Costs

Saving on shipping costs is almost always a primary concern when selling products online. Shoppers don't want to spend a fortune on shipping, and sellers don't want to incur high shipping costs. Fortunately, there are several ways to save on shipping costs.

In addition to using lightweight packaging and not adding extra goodies, you can save money by shopping for discounted supplies. Note also that all shipping companies offer price reductions based on volume. Even if you don't ship thousands of items every month, you can negotiate a better price by talking to your chosen courier company.

Don’t Forget...

Because they are bulky, hoodies cost more than other garments such as T-shirts. They often require larger packages, and since shipping is dependent on weight as well as dimensions, you may have to spend a little extra even if you keep your packages as light as possible.

While it's important to understand how much the hoodies you sell weigh, it's only a small part of understanding shipping. Use the guidelines listed above to find accurate shipping rates and find ways to lower your expenses.

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