Whether you offer screen printing, embroidery, or any other T-shirt customization service, placing a design on a blank T-shirt is time-consuming as well as some stress. Even if you personalize t-shirts only as a hobby, you've probably faced this dilemma many times. You don't want to place the design too high, too low, too far, or too far to the right. You also want to avoid skewed image placement. And sometimes, even if everything seems completely right, it can be completely wrong when the image is permanently in place.

When adding a logo to blank t-shirts or other apparel, getting the placement right is crucial. No matter how good an eye you have, sometimes even a good eye can make mistakes in these measurements. However, once you get used to it, the process is simple and takes very little time.

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Not sure how to find the appropriate logo placement on a t-shirt? Use the guide below to take the guesswork out of your creations.

Centered on the Front of T-Shirt

When determining where to place a large logo on the front of an adult-size t-shirt, the top of the logo should sit approximately four inches to six inches below the neck. The design should be centered between the left and right seams. If you're customizing a kid-size t-shirt, the design should only be one-half to three inches below the neck.

Pocketless Left Bust

It can be difficult to add a logo on the left chest area on t-shirts without pockets. You will need to measure about seven inches to nine inches down from the left shoulder seam. Next, center the logo between the center of the t-shirt and the left side seam. The process is the same for buttoned and unbuttoned t-shirts.

Pocket Left Bust

Placing a design on the left chest area is much easier when it has a pocket. All you have to do is center the logo on the pocket or directly above it. The process is the same for buttoned and unbuttoned t-shirts.

Polo T-Shirt Left Chest

Invested in wholesale polo t-shirts and want to customize them? Follow the same process as you would for adding a logo to a regular pocketless t-shirt. Alternatively, measure four inches to six inches to the right of the plaque to determine where to place the logo.

Back of T-shirt

Often the designs placed on the back of a t-shirt should be quite large, so keep that in mind when designing. Measure about five inches down from the collar to determine where to place the logo. Then measure from left to right to determine where the center of the t-shirt is.

Why Is Correct Logo Placement Important on T-Shirts?

Businesses use strategic logo placement on packaging to attract customer attention and make the overall packaging design aesthetically pleasing. Where you place a logo on a t-shirt is important for the same reasons. Whether you're customizing polo t-shirts for your staff to wear at work, designing t-shirts to serve as souvenirs, or adding a logo to t-shirts for any reason, putting the logo in the right place gives the finished garment a professional look.

Logo on Zipper

When designing t-shirts, remember that the size of the logo matters. A tiny logo on the back of a t-shirt (even if placed correctly) and a large design on the left chest area won't look right.

You should also avoid adding logos on zippers. If you are customizing a hoodie sweatshirt, the logo placement is also slightly different.


Customizing t-shirts, polos, and other apparel take more than just gluing a design to a piece of fabric. If you want your finished products to look "right", you'll need to take steps to make sure the logo is placed correctly. If you're trying to add a logo to a t-shirt, use the guidelines above to ensure the finished garment looks professional and aesthetically pleasing.

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