How Do You Choose The Best Heat Press Machine?

Printing with heat, which you can easily apply on almost all your products from t-shirts to bags, is both an easy and affordable technique when you use the right tools. In our article, we will talk about the heat press machine, one of the most important assets of the T-shirt printing business. What are the features of the best heat press machine? How do you know that you have chosen the right heat press machine you need? What are the differences between a manual heat press machine and an automatic heat press machine, which one is more advantageous?

Here are the answers to these questions ...

For those who will apply for heat transfer in bags, hats, and other textile products, especially t-shirts, choosing the best heat press machine is the first imperative of applying for heat transfer without problems for years! Because when you start this business, you need a transfer press that provides even heat distribution from the edges to the middle and from top to bottom throughout the entire roller.

A quality heat press needs to combine at least three things at once: Time, Temperature, and Pressure. For printing on almost any t-shirt, you first need a heat press machine that offers these three things at the same time.

The Best Heat Press Machine Answer Your Needs

Before choosing any heat press machine, you should have an idea of ​​what kind of transfers to apply to fabric or a polyester-coated substrate for sublimation. If you are planning to print custom T-shirts, custom tote bags, or promotional items, you should consider a heat press with replaceable bottom rollers.

Another important issue to be considered is the energy that the person who will work in the heat press machine will spend. A manual heat press machine requires upper body strength to lock the handle up and down. If you plan to print a few dozen shirts per hour, your employees will do a serious "workout".

An automatic heat press transfer machine is the right solution to eliminate worker fatigue. Because the person who will work in these machines only tilts the garment and the roller and presses the two buttons that activate the automatic printing plate. After the automatic heat press stop time is over, it raises the platen again. This is done effortlessly to provide the highest possible pressure.

When choosing the best and most suitable heat press machine for you, do not forget to evaluate the quality and economical alternatives offered by Aviva Dallas.

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