Join The Best T-Shirt Models With Your Own Design

T-shirts are one of the most basic items of clothing fashion and perhaps one of the most practical clothing items in use. Which we can easily call this all-time.

In addition to the ease of “I wear, I am going out” for everyone, especially in the summer months, the T-shirt with slogans or pictures reflecting our life views and provides the opportunity to carry alternative colors for men and women of all ages. Of course, let's not forget the printed patterns, which have become trendy especially in recent times.

The bottom line is that the best thing about T-shirts is that they are simply combined.

Usage Areas of T-Shirt

As we mentioned above, the ease of use of T-shirts also gives it unlimited freedom of space. Whether in the sea, on land, or in space ... Moreover, from 7 to 77 ...

1) The indispensable outfit of the summer months. In this sense, it doesn't even need to explain.

2) In autumn or winter, you can easily combine it with shirts and sweaters. We can say that it is stylish to use with plaid shirts, which are very popular under a V-neck sweater.

3) Wearing under suits for men has been a trend in recent years and this trend does not seem to come to an end. Honestly, it goes well with a V-neck.

4) There is not much that can be said for a polo collar. It can be worn comfortably even for semi-formal occasions with a complete classic and good trousers.

5) T-shirts personalized with prints. Let us especially point out that this is not only a way of dressing but also a new art trend. T-shirts are designed so beautifully that it is impossible not to be admired.

6) Thanks to technology, you can draw and have your own t-shirts made. In this regard, you can develop your own fashion with Aviva Dallas and sign one of the most beautiful t-shirt models.

So How Many Kinds Of T-Shirt Models Are There?

Collar preference is also very important for those who prefer t-shirts as a lifestyle. There are basically 3 + 1 types of collars. Round neck, Y-collar, and of course V-neck plus + polo collar. In fact, the polo collar is a matter of substance in itself.

Round Collar: We can say the most preferred type. Which would be more correct to call this standard. Because it is suitable for all kinds of body structures.

Y-Collar: A type of T-shirt that only goes up to a certain point like a shirt open in the middle. Usually, button is used.

V-Neck: It is comfortable and does not put pressure on your throat, so it can even be preferred. However, despite the trend recently, it is advantageous to have a fit body structure. Its black and white colors look beautiful. You can even wear it in a suit.

Polo Collar: As it is referred to as a polo collar T-shirt, we add it here, otherwise we can call it a classic in itself. Again, like a T-shape and a Y-collar, an opening that goes towards the bottom (button-free) and the main difference is the cut-out collar that opens towards the sides. It is named after the game Polo, played by the nobility in England.


You can take advantage of the Aviva Dallas experience to make your t-shirts unique.

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