Online retailers bring sustainable fashion closer to people! Why choose organic cotton clothing?

There is no place like home, so we must do everything we can to keep it in the best possible condition. Every year more and more people express environmental concerns, so the fashion industry is constantly looking for sustainable, environmentally friendly products to offer to their customers. While there are several ways to go green, there are many reasons that are often forgotten. You should devote time to this article to understand the reasons that will motivate you to follow this crucial trend.

Google search trends show that the search for 'sustainable fashion' continues to increase exponentially every year.

For example, if you were to search Google for an eco-friendly version of a particular piece of clothing in 2012, it would not be easy to find one. Maybe you came across a few options from sustainability-focused small blogs, or if you knew anything, you could go straight to the websites of a few reliable retailers to browse through their listings.

What you almost certainly couldn't do was go to any of the leading fashion sites and filter out lists that might fit your ethics. Searches, including sustainability-related keywords, increased by 75% in 2019, according to data from more than 12,000 online stores. While there is a gap between what people say their values ​​are and how they actually shop, the years seem to be finally closing. Saying that he cares about how his clothes are made, the client starts to put his money where he shows sensitivity.

What does it mean to be green in e-commerce?

Retailers looking to turn the aforementioned consumer interest into sales face several challenges. For example, how to decide which brands or products will be promoted as 'sustainable' or ethically promoted? Where should the line be drawn around "responsible fashion" and what words should be used in product descriptions? It has always been difficult. If you use words that are difficult to prove such as 'sustainable', you may encounter some accusations. However, if you exclude this, you may lose a customer who trusts "sustainable" as a search term to find what they're looking for.

Keywords such as 'eco fashion', 'sustainable fashion', and 'old fashion' have become important customer acquisition drivers for many online stores.

So what does “sustainability” really mean?

The concept behind 'sustainability' is to learn and apply an environmentally friendly lifestyle to protect the environment and natural resources. It is important to practice a green lifestyle because if we don't, the consequences can be dire - clean air, drinking water, lack of food, and even exposure to climate changes and temperatures that can lead to global warming and life-threatening diseases ... As this is increasingly important to many people. It certainly makes sense for entrepreneurs to include organic cotton clothing and other eco-friendly print products in e-commerce stores.

What are the economic benefits?

One of the most important economic benefits of being green is cost savings. The use of renewable energy helps to reduce energy consumption, which helps save money used on electricity bills. There is also recycling. Recyclable products last much longer than other products, thus saving money that would otherwise be used for repair and maintenance. Recycled products are also cheaper and help to save on manufacturing costs as it would be costly to create new products from scratch. Reducing waste also helps to save waste disposal costs.

What are the environmental benefits?

An obvious advantage of being environmentally conscious is undoubtedly its environmental benefits. Going green can help save rainforests, thus preserving the animal habitat and ecosystem we are so dependent on. Choosing the organic farming route means responsible farming practices and land use. Organic farming reduces greenhouse gas emissions and thus reduces air pollution. In the next few paragraphs, I'll explain in detail why you should add organic cotton clothing to your e-commerce store as an online entrepreneur.

Why choose organic cotton?

What do we really know about cotton, the most popular non-food crop in the world? Non-organic cotton accounts for more than 50% of all fiber needs worldwide, and to meet this demand, growers turn to artificial means and excessive pesticide use to keep crops growing faster.

Nonorganic cotton farming uses more pesticides than any other crop in the world - it has even earned the 'award' for being the dirtiest crop in the world: it consumes 16% of the world's pesticides and requires $ 2 billion of pesticides each year. These chemicals are toxic, therefore harmful not only to farmers and workers but also to consumers and all wildlife.

Did you know that producing a single non-organic cotton T-shirt requires 713 gallons (2'700 liters) of water? This crazy amount of water ...


You guessed it - organic cotton. Organic cotton is produced and certified according to organic farming standards without artificial input. It uses significantly less water to grow - organic cotton farmers typically use more of the rainwater for irrigation. In addition, organic cotton farmers use beneficial insects to control unwanted pests instead of relying on harmful chemicals and therefore promote biodiversity.

Chemicals used in non-organic cotton cultivation are known to directly cause various skin allergies. A significant proportion of people with skin problems reported a dramatic improvement in their condition after switching to organic cotton clothing and bedding.

When you choose to add sustainable, environmentally friendly products to your e-commerce store, you support water savings, cleaner air, better land, and farmers' livelihoods. Therefore, the price of organic cotton is sometimes slightly higher, but not always. Supporting organic farming is essential if we are to create improved working conditions for cotton growers because organic cotton farming leads to fairer trade.

Printing and printing on demand sustainable fashion

We are no strangers to the green movement. Not only do we practice sustainability in our daily office life, but we are also great advocates of protecting our planet. In our opinion, print-on-demand is one of the most cost-effective and planet-friendly models on the market.

As you know, clothes made from natural materials are more useful for your skin and can be recycled. With our 100% organic cotton t-shirts, you can show your creativity without sacrificing what matters, namely our planet.


The last few years have been great for the eco-friendly product market, and we think it's time for e-commerce to take the lead. Online shopping and international shipping can save more money. Of course, from now on, people will always continue to buy clothes and accessories, this is in our nature. However, as we become more conscious about the importance of sustainability in terms of conserving our natural resources, it makes more sense to offer people what they are looking for, that is, to respond to fashion demands. Of course always in a planet-friendly and always ethical way…

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