Renew your old t-shirts

I think almost everyone has been keeping some of their old t-shirts with many memories in a corner of their home. T-shirts tend to be very personal because they carry some special moments in our lives and after a certain time they are folded and put in a drawer, they are not worn. Sometimes it is very difficult to get rid of them for emotional reasons. But we have a solution for you.

Instead of throwing them away and getting upset, we've compiled 10 ways to unbox and refresh your old t-shirt for you:

  • This is the most emotional and practical of all strategies. Making quilts from your T-shirts can be time-consuming and expensive, but the result is surprising. Quilts can be great gifts and surprises for someone you care about (or for you), and they can carry a way to protect all their activities without too many t-shirts. Usually, mothers make quilts for their children when they go to college. If you love craftwork, you should give this a try. You will need about 30 old t-shirts for a large quilt, but 15-20 is enough for a smaller t-shirt.

  • This is a great way to reuse your old favorite tee and the best part is that you will be using it for years to come. You can use only the bulk or the whole of the shirt to create a square pillow.

  • Old T-shirts can be turned into toys for pets to chase and chew. This is very practical and the whole process can be more fun if you add a squeak inside the toy. This will drive them crazy about the new toy. You can also use T-shirts to make sleeping places more comfortable or to dry after bathing or rain. You can use this strategy not only for T-shirts but also for other garments (sweaters) that you no longer wear.

  • This recycling method is very practical for those who want to have a nice t-shirt bag. A bag from an old T-shirt may not look as good as a new store-bought bag, but it can make you feel better and “green”. The T-shirt bag can be used for many purposes: grocery shopping, library, travel, or whatever you want. The best t-shirt bags come out of cotton knit t-shirts because you don't have to worry about the edges.

  • If you are a scarf lover, you should turn one of your old t-shirts into a scarf to keep you warm or just for fun.

  • This method is especially for girls. They are unique, personal, and you can't buy them anywhere. If you have an old t-shirt with a printed design that you don't want to give or throw away, this is a great solution to make the design new again! Turn the printed part from your shirt to your underwear.

  • This is a great way to bring out the t-shirts you have and have a cute and attractive design. You can actually frame the shirt or decorate some small furniture with it. The result is more effective than you think. This method is perfect for decorating a child's room with printed small t-shirts with childhood heroes. Anyone can do this, it's unusual, very easy and very cheap.

  • Now, this is a tougher method for those of you who aren't very skilled at making a rag rug. If you are interested, the Internet offers a lot of tutorials for this and you can learn very quickly if you really want it.

  • This is an eco-friendly method of reusing the sweatshirts you no longer wear. All you need for this project is a clean tee to cut and sew into rectangles. Easy and ecological.

  • One of the final decisions for a T-shirt. I don't recommend turning a favorite shirt into a rag (you can choose one of the options above), but that's all if it doesn't apply to your t-shirt quality.

    In short, pictures are the cheapest, quilts are more emotional, donations or cloth bags are the most practical. Anyway, if any of these options do not suit you, or if you are not in the craft field and have finally decided to throw them away or donate them, please try and photograph each one again. I think this will keep the memory alive without the shirt itself. I hope you found some interesting ideas to change your shirt and gave up the idea of ​​throwing them away.

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