Six design ideas for your print business

Personalized printing has been in great demand around the world for the past few years. If you have a printing business, you are always curious and researching new design ideas as we do. The digital market is still booming and growing exponentially. All kinds of prints, from birthday cards to t-shirts, are welcomed these days. The best part is that prints can be customized according to their needs. Therefore, there is both a personal and professional touch to the printing business. If you are looking for great t-shirt design ideas, you are in the right place.

That's why we know that finding new designs or inspiration can be quite difficult sometimes. Because after all, if your designs don't match the personality of the customers, you won't be able to sell them. In summary, if you are looking for new print design inspiration as a graphic designer or printing company owner, this article is for you.

Go back to the basics: Paper and pencil

Adding stars to a blank screen could be contributing to this creative jam. Going back to the roots, drawing in pencil on a piece of paper can help. Doodles, concepts, basic shapes - the important thing is to start with something. This is a great creative exercise for many artists. Using your sketches as a roadmap means you have an implementation plan when it's time to work on the computer.

This is a good method for creating a series of flat illustrations, such as food drawings that are very popular today.

Re-brand the old school design

Generally, we consider pre-90s designs old. It's not nice. However, you can make an impressive contribution to a popular logo, design, or poster of that period. You can develop that design and adapt it to today. Funny or ironically, this is entirely up to you.

Collage? Always a good idea!

You know the rules: two or more pictures side by side. Look for bright, contrasting but consonant colors that work well and form a whole. This is great if you have a stock photo. So go over the idea of ​​a collage whenever you feel sluggish.

The 80s and 90s template

Did it get your attention? The templates of your youth are returning. T-shirts and tights of the 80s and 90s catch the eye in many shop windows.

90s designs

Hand-drawn, stylish, 3D lettering: People love short and bold messages.

Magazines and books are always a source of inspiration

Last but not least, books and magazines are an almost endless source of inspiration and creative ideas that you can explore. When you need some guidance, grab some of these.

Also, we will assist you with some free t-shirt designs. You can use these designs or add some fancy items.

So now you can answer these questions: What are the most popular designs in your store? What are your tricks when you run out of ideas?

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