Which shirt should I choose? Side Seamed One or Tubular T-Shirts?

For seemingly simple clothing, T-shirts offer an extremely wide range of styles and brands. Therefore, finding the perfect t-shirt is not an easy task! However, we all have a general knowledge of two basic ways of making t-shirts. With this knowledge in our article, we can begin our search for high-quality T-shirts that fit well, feel good, and look great.

Two different production methods dominate the t-shirt and clothing industry; which is side seamed and tubular.

Here's what you need to know about both.

Side-Seamed T-Shirts: Classic Structure

Side-seamed T-shirts, as the name suggests, have stitched seams on both sides of the shirt. These are items you would usually find in a retail setting and are a wardrobe staple for most.

Available in many styles such as tailored and trendy, loose or boxed, or athletic, side-seamed t-shirts provide a more structured look than tubular t-shirts. Undoubtedly, it is more preferred for both men, women, and children.

While fabricating the side seam tapes due to the method of construction makes the shirt more expensive, the wholesale apparel industry has to consider consumer preferences, even if the cost is more expensive. In summary, consumers are generally looking for trendy men's and women's t-shirts that they can easily find in a retail setting.

Tubular T-Shirts: Less Stylish, Less Expensive

Tubular T-shirts are produced without the use of side seams. They require fewer stitches, are usually created using a single piece of fabric, and are less expensive to manufacture.

While it costs less to produce pipe t-shirts, they are not as stylish or flashy as side-seamed t-shirts. Given that the human body is not one big tube, these t-shirts lack structure and style. However, if fashion isn't a factor and cost is at the lowest limit, tubular t-shirts are a great way to stock up on cheap t-shirts.

Color, brand, cut and style are important points to consider when choosing a t-shirt. However, it is the best place to start understanding the difference between the side-seam and tubular tee shirts. This basic knowledge will help you narrow down your choices and find the perfect shirt you are looking for.

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