Will T-Shirt Prints Peel Off When Washed?

Will T-Shirt Prints Peel Off When Washed?

Many people prefer to personalize their T-shirts printing them or making their own T-shirts, and this can be done in any combination of ways to make them a special gift. Since T-shirts offered for sale in the market are mass-produced, you can easily find other people with the same T-shirt that you have. But personalized T-shirt printing allows everyone to wear whatever unique design they want.

Together with knowing about the methods applied to print T-shirts with a message you want or a cartoon or photo that you like, there is a general curiosity to know the effect of those prints on fabrics, and how they should then be washed. Among the most frequently asked questions, especially by those who have not tried printing on T-shirts before, are the following: "Will the prints on my T-shirts come off after washing? Do the methods used to print the T-shirts will harm them?"

You can find information on these topics in our content. You can also find there original T-shirt printing products for yourself and your loved ones, that will show your difference even in a crowd.

T-shirt printing is done with very different techniques and applications that vary according to the texture, the quality of the fabric, the shape of the logo to be printed and the number of colors. The bleach and chemical washing machine additives used may damage not only the print but also the fabric.

However, the pressure that Aviva Dallas applies to the T-shirts makes it unlikely that the prints peel off. If you follow the temperature and the procedure to wash the T-shirts that are explained in detail on our website, the durability of the product is guaranteed. On the other hand, with the methods used, the printing is done without damaging your T-shirt and the printings are done on selected fabrics of the highest quality.

Tips to Use a Printed T-shirt

Although printed T-shirts are widely used, care must be taken when using them. In the case of Aviva Dallas T-shirts, if the washing instructions are strictly followed, your T-shirts will look like the first day for a long time. There will be no cracking, fading, or deterioration of the patterns. In any event, in the case of all printing techniques, it is recommended that the T-shirts are washed at low temperatures. Also by turning the printed T-shirts inside out while they are washed or dried will prevent the print from directly interacting with the washing machine, the dryer or the sun. It is also advised to reverse the T-shirts to iron them. Along with these tips, it is necessary to follow other instructions on the T-shirts. Carefully using printed T-shirts they will last for many years.

Pattern and Size Selection in Printed T-shirts

With Aviva Dallas, you can safely choose from different alternatives, as well as customize and design your T-shirts so that you will show your difference in any color or pattern. You can apply the patterns you choose to any size and create gift orders for yourself or someone else.

Combining T-shirt models suitable for all ages and tastes, Aviva Dallas ensures that both corporate and individual needs are easily met with its experience and reliability.

Orders placed in the online ordering system for T-shirt printing are delivered to the desired address as soon as possible. As every detail in this system is focused on customer satisfaction, it is possible to guarantee it. While the desired designs are prepared in a short time, they are very popular because they will carry the interesting details of the period in the ready-made templates that are constantly updated.






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