Sublimation Spray - Cotton and Cotton/Polyester

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  • Easy to use-no mixing required -Spray directly onto fabric-Comes with instructions and link to video tutorial
  • Works on 100%cotton or any polyester/cotton blend, or Polyester alone.
  • Waterbased
  • Quick drying time. Made in USA- Just press to dry and then sublimate!
  • Also excellent for bleached T-shirts. Must be used after bleaching. Amazing results.
  • SUBLIMATEST-shirts , Hoodies , Tote Bags , Socks , Towels , Aprons , Mouse Pad , Gift Boxes , Hang Tag , and more.


  • Q: Does the sublimation coating need to be mixed with other product?
  • A: No, Just use NGOODIEZ coating spray alone. It’s all in one formula.

    Q: Why the image I transfer is a little light?

    A: There are many reasons to influence the results: ink, paper, heat press temperature & pressure and sublimation operation etc.

    Q: Does it work on cotton blend fabric?

    A: Yes, it does. It works on 100% cotton, cotton blend and polyester

    Q: Does it work on dark fabric/T-shirt?

    A: No, it does not. It works great on white and very light fabric.

    Q: Can I sublimate on pillow?

    A: Yes, you can. Also, can sublimate on tote bags, socks, towels, pillows, hang tag , gift boxes etc



    • Use sublimation ink, do not use regular ink, pigment ink dye ink.
    • Use sublimation paper, do not use regular ink.
    • Adjust the appropriate temperature according to your own equipment.
    • Choose equipment from regular manufacture.

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