Auto Opening Clamshell Heat Press – 15”x15”

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The upper plate opens automatically when the time set up is over, sounds an alarm at the same time, this feature makes this heat press time and money saver, you have no risk to burn the material you press also you are not supposed to wait for the count-down process, you may prepare your next item while pressing another one.

  • Space saving clamshell design.
  • Non-stick heat press coated upper plate for safe operation.
  • Electro-magnetic auto-opening.
  • Equipped with gas charged springs provides slow opening of upper plate.
  • Digital LCD timer, temperature control and counter.
  • Pressure adjustment knob.
  • Commercial grade heavy duty.
  • Parallel arm handle with ergonomic foam-grip.
  • Slide-out drawer for convenient preparation.


1-year full warranty for electrical problems (warranty does not cover back-and forward shipping costs – no charges occur for local drop-off and pick-ups)


  • Voltage: 110 V
  • Power: 1650 W
  • Temperature Range: 0-399 F
  • Time control: 0-999sec
  • Press area: 15”x15” (38cm x 38cm)


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