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Heat Press - Auto Drawer - 16"x20"

Heat Press - Auto Drawer - 16"x20"

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LAVIVA Auto Open Drawer 16"x20" Heat Press 

The LAVIVA Auto Open Drawer 16x20 Heat Press is a great beginners heat press! Perfect for any startup, home business, or hobbyist! It has similar features to the original LAVIVA but now with MORE improvements and LARGER 16x20 platen size! The upper plate opens automatically when the time set up is over, sounds an alarm at the same time, this feature makes this heat press time and money saver, you have no risk to burn the material you press also you are not supposed to wait for the count-down process, you may prepare your next item while pressing another one.

  • 16"x20" platen
  • 428° F max heat setting
  • Auto Open- quick release
  • Drawer makes for heat free work space
  • C shaped Metal bottom support can be reversed to be able to thread shirts from front or back 
  • 126 lbs.
  • 2500W Power
  • Rose Gold in color
  • Digital time and temperature readout
  • Space saving clamshell design.
  • Non-stick heat press coated upper plate for safe operation.
  • Equipped with gas charged springs provides slow opening of upper plate.
  • Pressure adjustment knob.
  • Commercial grade heavy duty.
  • Parallel arm handle with ergonomic foam-grip.
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